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  Review 6/Aug/03  
Ether Bunnies' Nectar

Ether Bunnies - Nectar
Nectar is a new CD released by Ether Bunnies, a refreshing new group from Asheville, North Carolina. We are very proud to offer Nectar at the electro-music.com online store. In this release, Ether Bunnies define a style all their own; ambient in nature and never boring.

Ether Bunnies aptly describe themselves as "a multi-instrumental trio demonstrating a variety of epileptic bird calls over appalachian coma hymns. Subtle, polystylistic performances with an emphasis on composition rather than improvisation. Pulsing rhythms and percussive outbursts magnify minimalist melodic sensibilities as drones form and decay. A burning bee on a banjo. Live sampling, organic instruments and understated electronic elements work to deliver the half-remembered songs of tomorrow. Truly a petting zoo for delicate hands. "

The music in Nectar is mostly tonal, but at times it becomes dissonant. Nevertheless, it is always quite relaxed and under control. The Bunnies sensitively blend acoustic (sometimes primative sounding) and electronic instruments in unique ways. Percussion is used in parts, but never to bang out a beat; rather as a subtle gentle texture.

Nectar is definitely not Country or Blue Grass music, but I can't help thinking it is somehow still true to its roots in the peaceful, laid-back natural splendor of the Smokey Mountains. This is just what I'd expect to hear from the front porch on a lazy summer evening when the 21st century mountain boys get out their guitars, banjos, harmonicas, synthesizers, samplers and signal processors to play their electro-music.

It's in the wind that Ether Bunnies perform their music live. I'd love to hear them in concert, but until then, Nectar will have to do.

You can listen to mp3 samples of Nectar here, but these cuts don't do the sound quality on the CD justice.

If you go ahead and buy the Ether Bunnies CD, you'll enjoy the music and you'll give encouragement and support to some creative young musicians. I don't think you can go wrong.
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